WeGLOW Trainers Skye Coleman, Mara Cimatoribus, Alex Seefeldt and founder Stef Williams

Looking to make your 2023 fitness resolutions stick? You need our 6-Week Re/Start Challenge

With a new year comes new opportunities and a fresh chapter; our newest challenge Re/Start is all about helping you to step into the best version of yourself with the help Stef, Mara, Alex & Skye. Enrolment opens on 2nd January and each trainer will be dropping some spicy warm up workouts to help you get ready for the main event. Enrolment for the challenge opens on 26th December and from 2nd-8th January you can complete our enrolment week workouts where each trainer will be dropping some spicy 20-minute warm up workouts to help you get ready for Re/Start. The main challenge launches January 9th – so mark your calendars and let’s get ready to set the tone for 2023!

What is the 6-Week Re/Start Challenge?

If you’re just ‘start’-ing your fitness journey, or looking ‘re-start’ after a little break over the holiday period, then our 6-week Re/Start Challenge is for you! With a home version and a gym version of the challenge, no matter where you want to move you’ll be able to start your 2023 led & supported by our four amazing trainers; Stef, Mara, Alex & Skye.

How does it work?

To take part in the challenge, you need to do is:

  • Make sure you’ve got an active WeGLOW subscription.
  • Head to your dashboard and under ‘Featured’ you’ll see the challenge; click ‘enrol now’
  • On the next page select the home or gym version of the challenge depending on your preference, then click ‘enrol now’.

You’re all set!

What will the challenge look like?

Here’s a little breakdown of the challenge so you know what to expect over the course of the 6 weeks.

In each version of the challenge you can expect one session with each trainer, plus two additional (and optional) sessions per week for those of you looking for even more of a challenge!

Your main four sessions each week will be a maximum of 45 minutes long and the bonus sessions are a maximum of 20 minutes

Expect a variety of training styles from strength training, to bodyweight & circuit training to yoga – designed to help you build positive habits & lasting results that you can carry with you for the rest of 2023

Enjoy strength training, bodyweight & conditioning-based sessions with Stef, Alex & Skye combining key compound movements and isolation exercises designed to help you build shape & strength all over.

Move through a variety of yoga flows with Mara; from powerful vinyasa classes to lower & upper body strength flows and even spicy core-focused classes!

And if you’re feeling a little daunted or overwhelmed about getting back into routine (or if you’re simply ready to go from day 1) then we have an ‘Enrolment Week’ guide just for you. Join all our trainers in one week of 20 minute workouts designed to ease your body back into movement and build your confidence before the challenge commences on 9th January (and yes we have a home and a gym version of this too)

Why should I choose the 6-Week Re/Start Challenge?

If you’re looking to make your 2023 fitness resolutions stick then Re/Start is for you. With four main 45 minute sessions a week with a variety of training styles – Re/Start isn’t about doing a gruelling fitness regime to “burn off that holiday weight” it’s about celebrating all that your body can do & the different ways it can move. It’s about building a solid foundation and positive habits you can actually stick to – because that’s the key to achieving lasting results. And with additional bonus sessions along with home & gym options – we’ve got something for everyone in Re/Start.

And if that wasn’t enough we’ve got some epic prizes up for grabs at the end of the challenge to celebrate your hard work…keep your eyes peeled on @weglow’s socials to for all the juicy details.

How do I sign up?

Our 6-Week Re/Start Challenge definitely isn’t one to be missed! You’ll be able to sign up in-app from 26th December 2022, right up until the challenge commences on 9th January 2023.