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My Story

Hi team, I’m Stef, your WeGLOW founder and trainer.

I fell in love with sport when I was a child – I loved the physical challenge, team building and competition. As I grew older, my love for sport evolved into a love of movement and developed a wider appreciation for physical activity, no matter what the form.

Growing my community has been such a rewarding journey and one that I am ever grateful for. I’ve had the opportunity to listen to feedback over the years to create WeGLOW – an app that not only is tailored to you but also was designed with you in mind.

I love the feeling of being strong and training to feel great in my body and mind and that is what you can expect from my guides, challenges and on-demand live workouts. I want to push you one step further than you thought was possible, to motivate you to move your body and to celebrate taking that time for yourself.

Whether you want to feel strong, energized, more positive or just get those legs shaking, I’ll have a workout for you.

Team, let’s get it.

My Guides and Workouts

Over 20 guides

175+ live on-demand classes

9 challenges

Strength training


Cardio, Conditioning & HIIT Training

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Strong with Stef: Reloaded

8 Weeks | All Levels

Signature Sculpt

3 Weeks | All Levels

Hot girl Summer Guide

8 Weeks | Intermediate

6-Week Summer Sculpt Challenge

6 Weeks | All Levels

2-Week Ab Challenge

2 Weeks | All Levels

Ignite Glute Guide: Gym

8 Weeks | All Levels

Glow At Home Guide

24 Weeks | Intermediate

Shape & Sweat Guide

24 Weeks | Intermediate

Start Strong Guide

24 Weeks | Beginner



Move with Mara

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My Story

Hello sunshines, I’m Mara, and I will be your yoga instructor.

I started practicing yoga at the beginning of 2017, in a moment where I was feeling lost, without a purpose. This practice has changed my life, it has helped me to find a home within myself, learn to embrace all that I am, and find a way to grow from there!

My yoga classes aim to be accessible, with something for everyone, from beginners to more experienced yogis. My style of teaching is dynamic, playful with a big focus on technique. It reflects my own practice, where I often love to bring in a challenge, step out of my comfort zone and help me continue to learn and grow.

It felt only right for me to learn more and share it with as many people as possible. At the end of 2017, I traveled to India and trained in Ashtanga-Vinyasa. The desire to learn, practice and share has never stopped: I have trained in Mandala, Yin Yoga, Aerial and did my 300hrs teacher training with Jason Crandell in 2021. I have also learned about Breathwork and took level 1 & 2 of Reiki.

Helping others feel empowered and get a bit closer to their natural state of joy is an absolute honor to me, join me on this incredible journey with WeGLOW.

See you on the mat yogis.

My Guides and Practices

10+ different yoga guides

15+ Yoga Practices

Over 150 yoga classes, with new classes added weekly

Vinyasa, Yin, Mandala and Pre & Post-Natal yoga

Meditation & breathwork classes

Yoga for all abilities from open level to advanced

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Rise & Shine Guide

6 Weeks | All Levels

Get Your Splits

4 Weeks | All Levels

Beginner's Journey To Yoga

2 Weeks | Beginner

Get Your Headstand Guide

4 Weeks | All Levels

Yoga For Your Everyday

4 Weeks | All Levels

Winter Wellness Retreat

1 Weeks | All Levels

Autumn Wellness Retreat

1 Weeks | All Levels

Spring Wellness Retreat

1 Weeks | All Levels

Summer Wellness Retreat

2 Weeks | Intermediate


Achieve with Alex

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My Story

Hi guys, it’s Alex, your trainer here at WeGLOW, here to help you build strength, help you step outside your comfort zone, and become the best, most confident version of yourself.

With my material, you can expect to be challenged. Growth doesn’t happen from staying within your comfort zone. No matter what level, just beginning your fitness journey or years in, my training techniques will challenge you at every level.

My journey started when I was 3 years old when I was first taking part in Martial Arts. From as early as I can remember, movement has always been a part of my life and as I’ve gotten older, I know how much it has helped keep me grounded and on the right path.

Fitness to me is so much more than the aesthetics that our culture puts such an emphasis on. It’s about becoming one with yourself and your body from the inside out, constantly pushing yourself to new levels, and becoming 1% better everyday.

If I had one piece of advice to give you, it would be to “have patience with yourself”. You cannot compare your day 1 to someone’s day 100 or even 1,000. Everyone is on their own path, their own journey, and it’s time to pave your own path, your way.

What I love about being a WeGLOW trainer is being surrounded by such a committed and inspiring group of women. When you surround yourself with like minded people with similar goals, you feel inspired to become better everyday.

My Guides and Workouts

4 different guides

Gym & home options

Strength training

Kickboxing, Cardio & HIIT training

20+ live on-demand classes with new monthly classes

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The Build Guide

6 Weeks | All Levels

Shape in 6 Guide

6 Weeks | All Levels

HIIT & Kick Guide

4 Weeks | All Levels

Introduction-Self Defence

1 Week | Beginner

It Girl Guide

8 Weeks | All Levels

6-Week Re/Start Challenge: Gym

6 Weeks | All Levels