Stef Williams wears a workout two-piece and sits against a wall with a pilates ball

Everything you need to know about how to train on your cycle

If you’ve been on a mission to cycle sync your workouts, listen up! Each phase of our cycle is hormonally polarising as a result our movement choices need to reflect them accordingly, so let’s dive into it. 

The Perfect Workout for MENSTRUAL PHASE

The first day of your period is considered day one of your cycle.

During our menstrual phase we tend to have less energy, feel lethargic and even sometimes denser as our estrogen and progesterone levels are at their lowest…We carry more water weight, experience pain, as a result of our hormones being at their lowest point during our period, it also makes our body go into protection mode as our body knows that we are more vulnerable.

It’s all about low-intensity, slow and controlled movement during this time, movements such as yoga, pilates and long walks. You can however continue to do strength training, but it might be wise to reduce your weights. Due to increased fatigue, this phase is not the time to push yourself too hard.

Try our low impact filter or try one of Mara’s classes, restorative or Yin would be our recommendation.

The Perfect Workout for FOLLICULAR PHASE

Your period is over. Thank god! From this point our hormones begin to rise from their lowest state. 

With increased energy, the follicular phase is a good time to challenge yourself, increasing the intensity of your workouts or trying new things in your exercise routine. 

The focus section in the App is a great place to start, we suggest trying the power legs workout. 

The Perfect Workout for YOUR OVULATORY PHASE

Ovulation happens roughly mid-cycle and is a day-long event.

During ovulation our estrogen levels peak, meaning we are typically flooded with energy. This is where participating in high intensity activities make sense, so think cardio, HIIT, circuit training, and even kickboxing, so a great time to try Alex’s HIIT It guide. 

The Perfect Workout for YOUR LUTEAL PHASE

The luteal phase is the time when PMS enters the equation. We may feel extremely lethargic, demotivated, and maybe even a little bloated. Meaning an intense workout is the last thing on our minds. This is when opting for shorter workouts just makes sense. 

Our hormone levels are at their lowest, and we can’t pull from energy stores that just aren’t there. Our bodies are already working hard to prepare for our period, meaning it’s the time to work smarter, not harder. 

Workout stacking is a great option during this phase, allowing you to build your workout depending on how you feel in that moment, head to the live section where you can workout from 5 minutes upwards. 

Bottom line: Tracking your cycle can allow you to become more familiar with how your unique cycle works, and how the different phases of your cycle influence your energy levels, mood which has a huge impact on your exercise performance.