What everyone is saying about WeGLOW

Super User Friendly

Sandy Carbajal

One of the best workout apps I've used. It's super user friendly and there is something for everyone! ...

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Amazing experience

Gabrielle Gonzalez

No app or trainer has done a tremendous job with this app. It's very helpful and leaves us with no excuses to not get a workout in! Well done, Stef and the team. I subscribed when the app FIRST came out, and I am very, very pleased with the growth it continues to provide. Most apps just leave it and do not improve much. We all are involved and WEGLOW!!! ...

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Best workouts

Elsa Mahout

Best workouts and display I've ever encountered in my life. I highly recommend this app if you're a lady who want to workout from home or from a gym and for many other bonus/benefits. ...

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Workouts are a killer is a good way.

Kelley Johnson

I enjoy the sets that focus on different areas of the same body part. I curse the person who has me do a set that targets the same thing 😅. My body usually always fails near the end but the progress is noticeable. The app doesn't always log the workout you've just completed. When trying to go to the next set sometimes the app backs you out and of course clears your time spent in...

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The app is one of the best


The app is one of the best of its kind out there and I've tried quite a few. You can definitely tell that the team is striving to keep improving and offering the best content in the market. The only two things I'm missing are the chance to swap exercises for some similar ones -due to a busy gym, injury or just inability to perform it right for example - and being able to see...

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This app has my heart!


This app is unrivalled ! A consistent gym-goer for a couple of years, I found I was becoming really sick of the same stuff and, also due to a pretty major move, I’ve turned to home workouts. I have tried another fitness app before but it did not engage me like WeGlow has. The workouts are hard, but I feel so bloody good after, and I really like feeling like my fitness is improving (I’ve struggled...

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Love this incredible app.


I love this app, from the detail of the colour and the layout to the huge range of workouts and sessions there are as well as the challenges! It’s so easy and simple to use but has so much detail! The workouts are absolutely perfect for me! I feel amazing after them and truly feel like I have an amazing guide throughout! The meals are easy to make but so yummy! There’s also a wide...

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The concept is 10/10

Olivia Iola

I love being able to access such a variety of workouts. I can now do weight lifting then wind down with yoga which is fab! 'Skip workout' doesn't work. App keeps stopping my music after a rest has ended. Can't use the back button on my phone, without the app minimising. I have to tap 'back' in the app instead which isn't fab UX. Some of the workouts are too long. 50 mins on the...

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I love this app

Lilia Alvarez

Subscribed to it right when launched. I love the improvements they've made thru all this time, there's still a few glitches here and there, but that's why it's good to keep track whenever you're doing a routine. The workouts and meals are fire and yes! Workouts completely work! 🔥🔥 ...

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A truly life changing app!!

Laurence Dupaul

 I have been in a training rut for the past 2 months and finally, I have found the training app that motivates me to get to the gym 5 days a week. I'm currently on the Build & Burn guide and this is such a wonderful guide!! I love the training splits, the different exercises and the videos to follow along. The mealplan section is also a nice component of the app. I'd recommend this...

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Not to be dramatic

Isabela Lacayo

Not to be dramatic but this app is changing my whole lifestyle xD.The workouts and recipes are just killer. I gave it 4 stars cause I would love to see a couple technical add-ins like music built into more of the workouts, analytic tracking for progress and growth. Overall though, I love the app ...

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After only just 3 weeks

Jessica Velazquez

I was very cautious and not completely sold on the WeGlow app and I truly believed I would be deluded yet again. But after only just 3 weeks - YES 3 weeks I finally see results I thought I'd never could achieve. What I love most about the app offers a huge variety of guides and challenges and their categories are extensive. I don't see myself getting bored any time soon. Oh and another huge...

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Weglow is the exception.

A Google user

I've tried a few workout apps in the past but I have always found them glitchy. Weglow is the exception. The app really keeps me motivated and pushes my boundaries. I've only been a member for 2 months but I can already see differences in my body and my mindset. Thank you Weglow, Stef and Mara for creating such exciting content. ...

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The best app


The best app for when I’m feeling unmotivated and stuck it really is my go-to when I’m having those days where I know I want to work out and move, but I don’t know where to start. Everything is already written out and demonstrated for you, all you need to do is start and end it! Amazing app with meal guides, intense exercises (or lighter ones if you fancy it) and yoga - it really...

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In love with this app 😍

Tasmyn Harris

Finding the time to workout and stay consistent with a new child is so hard but this app has helped so much! Love that it is made for a variety of fitness ranges from very beginner to advanced levels. Also great nutritious recipes 👌 ...

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Great App

Anthéa Auville

Used to be bored at the gym, now I'm excited to go 💪🏼❤️ ...

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Love her workouts.

Dominique Ruegg

Love her workouts. and just so happy to be able to go to the gym with solid workouts that I enjoy. ...

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