Be Inspired By Our Community Transformations


Kamryn’s Story

I love WeGlow so much!! I completed the transform + challenge which was my first time completing a full challenge and I was so happy with the results!! Will 100% continue using new guides made by the team! Keep glowing you’ll achieve more than you know!!

Margarida’s Story

Thank you WeGlow, for giving me what I needed to glow and to find a community that supports each other unconditionally. If I could only have one app on my phone, it would definitely be WeGlow From now on I just have to maintain what I’ve achieved and continue with the balance between being healthy, training and enjoying life.

Britany’s Story

For someone who has been training on and off for the past 10 years, never in my life have I been so consistent with a program. I have many trainer friends that have helped me out over the years, and they were too impressed with the app. It’s easy to follow and the directional videos make it incredibly easy to follow, and to assure that you’re doing the exercises in proper form.

Amanda’s Story

The transformation challenge came at the perfect time for me. I had just moved to a new city with my boyfriend and was in a slump. I was investing all of my time and energy in to work and my relationship leaving no room for myself. I have been following Stef for some years now, always just dreaming to look a little bit like her, but doing nothing about it.

Jael’s Story

Wow this was a great experience for me.
gave my best with the time I had. I have achieved a fixed routine of working out before work, and I’m proud I followed. I really like the combo of workouts, I believe for a lot of people this is very motivating to see Stef working out with you. I feel fit and I am proud I did it. I really felt supported in every way.

Paulina’s Story

I am so proud of myself for taking the steps towards change. I am an obgyn resident and have to admit, taking care of my patients has become a priority for the last couple of years..particularly through the pandemic and my health has taken the back burner.