What's Actually In My Protein Shake?

What’s actually in my protein shake?

Here’s the full scoop.

You can commonly find these ingredients in your protein powder. Learn why they’re in there:

1) Protein base: Protein powders can come from different sources. The base that supplies the protein can come from plant based options, like rice, potatoes, hemp, pea or soy, or animal-based from eggs or dairy. Each source will give you a different breakdown of amino acids (the building blocks of protein).

2) Flavourings and sweeteners: Most protein powders often contain sweeteners to improve taste. Avoid powders with added sugars, artificial sweeteners and flavourings and opt for natural sources instead. Look for natural vanilla, cinnamon and stevia on a label. 

3) Fillers: Low quality protein powders will contain psyllium, coconut flour or cellulose to bulk up the product. They have NO nutritional benefits and should be avoided if possible. Opt for a protein powder with the highest amount of protein per scoop. As a guide, 20-30g is the aim. 

4) Vegetable oils/fat: Some protein powders will contain fat to help with taste and texture. If your aim is weight loss, choose a protein powder with minimal fat content, avoid adding extra calories to your diet. 

5) Thickeners: Ingredients like xanthan gum, dextrin and arrowroot are used to thicken protein powders for improved texture. While they don’t cause harm in small amounts, if you have digestive problems this is a big no no.