Shopping bag with greens and healthy food inside

How to turn nutrition resolutions into lifelong habits that will stick

The new year is a great opportunity for a fresh start and a motivational kick to switch to a healthier lifestyle for good. But with busy schedules and life’s pressures, it can be easy to slip up and go back to old habits.

But not this year! Here’s how to set yourself up for nutrition success this new year to be the best version of yourself.

Shift Your Mindset

The first step of making a change starts with getting into the right frame of mind. Clarify why you’re embarking on this health journey. Is it to feel more confident? To look after your wellbeing in the long run? To increase your energy? Once you know your motivations, it’s easier to work towards your goals. Although you’ll face challenges, learning to embrace them as opportunities will cultivate a growth mindset.

Be Realistic

Being ambitious and setting massive goals is only going to demotivate you when they feel out of reach. For your resolutions to work, it’s important to be realistic with your timeframes and goals. Instead of overwhelming yourself with big milestones, set smaller goals that will be easier to follow. For example, gradually cut back the sugar from your tea and coffee rather than going cold turkey. Start with one small habitual change every 21 days.

Practice Mindfulness

We’re all about building a healthy relationship with food this year. When eating, focus on the flavours and textures and savour every bite. Avoid multitasking during meals and eat slowly. Pay attention to hunger and fullness cues to practice intuitive eating.

Meal Prep

We get it. Life can be super busy. Here’s how to meal prep to stay on track:
– Batch Cook: Dedicate a day or specific times during the week for batch cooking. Make enough for dinners and lunches for the week, and proportion them into containers.
– Freezer-Friendly Meals: Create freezer-friendly meals that can be easily reheated, saving you time on hectic days. We’ve got plenty of quick and delicious freezer friendly recipes on the app.
– Prep your produce: Wash, chop, and portion fruits and vegetables in advance for quick and easy access.

Get Support

Surrounding yourself with a positive environment can help you stay motivated and supported. You’re not in this alone! Our WeGlow community is an incredible platform made to help you. It’s the perfect place to share your best health tips and recipes, gain knowledge and connect with like-minded people to keep you on track.

Be Kind To Yourself

Success is not a straight road. It’s completely normal to slip up every now and then. Focus on progress over perfection, and celebrate the small wins. Remember how far you’ve come along, and pick yourself back up again if you’ve had a setback.