Gym Bag Essentials

How to Pack the Perfect Gym Bag

Packing a gym bag is the perfect way to ensure that you’ll never leave for the gym without everything you need. Or getting home and realising you left something behind. It’s happened to us all!

Here are WeGlow’s gym bag essentials for a brilliant workout

First things first, get yourself a good gym bag, one that fits in your locker, your not going away for a weekend trip…

Now, let’s fill it…

Have you ever experienced that sinking feeling when you’ve got to the gym, ready to crush a workout, only to realise that you forgot your headphones?
There’s no worse feeling, and the cherry on top is having to listen to the gym’s lack lustre playlist.

Music can make all the difference when it comes to pushing you through a workout, whether it’s your final set or to kick start your session and get you in the zone. A great playlist is also essential, and we’ve got that covered.

A BIG, Reusable Water Bottle
No one wants to stop and start their session by queuing at the water fountain, or having to leave the gym to mess around with the vending machine. So grab a big reusable bottle that way it will last you through your whole session, no matter how thirsty you get.

A Snack
Getting to the gym and being hit with a sudden wave of hunger isn’t fun. Spending your session thinking about your rumbling stomach or feeling unfocused, so keep a protein bar or similar snack in your bag for emergencies, whether that’s to power you through a workout or to tide you over post-workout.

Resistance Bands 
For the days when the weights section is packed and you can’t get your hands on any equipment, resistance bands are the perfect companion.
With different sizes and strength ranges, for either upper body or lower body workouts, it’s always best to pack your own to suit your workouts.

Hand Sanitiser 
This one is always good to have on hand, even without the pandemic going on. The gym is where people share equipment and therefore a playground for bacteria and germs.

Just incase you fancy a quick cool down after a sweaty session.

Packing a gym bag is much more than just a way to organise your items, it’s a great form of motivation. Ever packed your gym bag in the evening before your workout, jumped out of bed and been ready to go within a matter of minutes? It’s a great feeling, none of that looking for your one missing airpod or gym card! The faff and hassle involved is removed – and so is your excuse not to go.