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How To Adapt Your Training In January (Busy Gym Edition) 

4 ways you can make your way around the gym in January….like a pro!

Every January, everyone’s got to work on their resolutions, whether that’s building strength, improving fitness, or just being consistent enough with exercise to feel the physical and mental benefits. And as much as it can be frustrating at the time, seeing a busy gym full of people moving their bodies is inspiring and motivating.

Location, location, location:
Every gym will have its own layout. In busier times, it’s not ideal to use a squat rack and then head over to the hip abductor, which is on the other side. Plan your sessions and sets around your own gyms layout, a great feature on the app that you can put to use is the swap exercises functionality, move your workout around depending on what space is available.

HIIT: Get in, get out:
Make a small circuit that you can do either on a mat or with minimal equipment. Small amounts of rest in-between sets and you’ll be able to get in and get out. But if HIIT’s not for you, no problem, we have workouts from 5 minutes onwards so stack a few and claim your space on the mat.

Use one piece of equipment:
Equipment like dumbbells, kettlebells, and barebells are very versatile. You can use one piece of equipment for multiple exercises and in fact a whole workout. A power rack or cable machine is also perfect for this. All you need to do is adjust a few weights or move a few attachments and you’re good to go. (Ps we have plenty of dumbbell only workouts to try). 

Bring a friend:
Yes, that does mean an extra person in the already crowded gym. But training buddies can actually come in handy when it comes to working out in your busy gym, providing you both follow the same session. One works, one rests, it’s that simple. Also, top tip working in supersets and switching between the 2 pieces of kit keeps others from jumping in-between.