You asked, we’ve delivered. WeGLOW is launching a 2 week ab challenge starting Monday 5th July! 

What is it? 

14 days of real-time workouts, combined with an exclusive ‘Challenge Guide’ that all app users will receive via email. The training plan is designed to help you strengthen your core, push your fitness and really practice that mind-to-muscle connection!

Where can I find it?

All workouts will be uploaded daily within the ‘live stream’ feature within the app. The exclusive ‘Challenge Guide’ will be emailed separately, with week 1 and 2 offering new information to keep you motivated and challenged.

How can I get involved?

Simply download and subscribe to the WeGLOW app to have access to both the real-time workouts, nutrition library, workout library and exclusive ‘Challenge Guide’

Why would I join?

Why wouldn’t you?! 

  • You’ll be put through paces by Stef in daily live-streamed workouts designed not just to challenge your core but strengthen your entire body.
  • The Challenge Guide also contains personalised recommendations from Stef about other workouts in addition to the live-streams you can do to challenge yourself even further over the two weeks.
  • You get to join thousands of other women doing the challenge so you can feel supported each and every day of the two weeks
  • It’s just 2 weeks – that’s 14 days of showing up for yourself everyday. If some of our other challenges or programmes have felt daunting then this is the perfect opportunity to test the waters with this 2-week challenge!
  • Stef will teach you how to properly engage your core within every workout so you can get the most out of your training – you’ll walk away with useful tips and tricks for life!
  • You’ll discover new, delicious recipes that are some of Stef’s personal favourites – say goodbye to chicken, broccoli & rice!