Stef Williams of WeGLOW walks holding a drinks bottle and insulated bottle after a fitness training session

Holiday Gifts for Women Who Love to Move

Whether you’re looking for a little present for yourself or the perfect gift for a partner, friend, family member etc you’ve come to the right place.

But what do women who love to move want this festive season? We’ve rounded up the best gift ideas we know you’ll love.


From the perfect sports bar to gym leggings or a new pair of trainers, you just can’t go wrong. And if you’re not sure what style or colour they might be looking for, you can never go wrong with a voucher! Pick their go-to brand, decide how much you want to spend & tick it off your list.

A gym membership or WeGLOW APP membership

Supporting someone’s journey at-home or in the gym 

If your loved one has their eyes on joining a gym in 2024 a three, six or twelve month membership is a great gift idea! Just make sure you know this is a gift they would actually appreciate. The last thing you want is for your friend, partner or family member to take what is intended to be a thoughtful gesture as a suggestion they need to exercise more (we’ve all heard those stories!).

A gratitude journal

A gratitude journal can be a thoughtful gift!

A fitness tracker

Now this might require slightly more budget…

With models that measure everything from your sleep quality to blood oxygenation & ovulation, you can now truly track everything. With features & prices varying across different brands & devices, opt for one with functionality & features that will best suit the receiver. 


Looking for something with a smaller price tag but incredibly helpful? How about a gym bag, sweat towel or miniature toiletries, these will definately be appreciated.

Recovery gear

If you know someone who is all about maximising their recovery (or struggles with tight muscles!), consider buying them some recovery gear to add to their at-home gym setup. Handheld massage guns can improve blood flow to an area of the body, promoting recovery after intense activity or injury, while foam rollers and massage balls can help alleviate delayed-onset muscle soreness without the hefty price tag.

Home gym equipment

If you know someone who has traded in the gym for home workouts, think about how you can help them level up their workout space before the new year begins. And who better to ask where to start than us? So here’s where to start, a few resistance bands varying in strength, a good quality yoga mat, pilates ball, skipping rope & free weights all make great gift ideas.

An insulated drink bottle

Is there anything worse than finishing a particularly challenging circuit or workout than reaching for your drink bottle, taking a big gulp, only to find your water is warm? Yuck.

We hope that you’ve come away from this with a few ideas for gifting.

Merry Christmas, Team!