Hands holding wine glasses and pouring wine - balancing festivities over the holidays

Tips To Balance The Festivities Over The Holidays

If you struggle to find balance around the holiday’s then you’re not alone!

For most of us, the holidays are a time of happiness, togetherness, and lots of delicious food! While this should be celebrated and encouraged, it can be challenging to maintain your current lifestyle amongst the social demands. 

Here are some of our top tips to ensure you find balance, while enjoying the festivities & navigate the holidays with ease, you don’t need to be skipping dessert to stay on track with your goals!

Stay Active

Staying active might not mean following your current workout schedule. But it doesn’t have to be an all or nothing approach – engage in activities and exercise that don’t require lots of equipment and that you actually enjoy, and mean you can be social.

Take the pressure off by accepting that this time of the year might not be for setting PBs, and accept that your free time may be considerably less. Instead stay active where you can. Don’t underestimate one of our 15 minute bodyweight-only workouts, or the impact of a long walk after dinner. 

Create Healthy Swaps

If you’re conscious of overindulging, consider making healthy swaps. Prioritise lean protein sources and roast vegetables, allowing you to build a nice balanced meal, whilst still having room for holiday goodies. This ensures you’re nourishing your body with the nutrients it needs while also enjoying all the desserts you desire. Eating balanced meals doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice food types, taste or enjoyment, you can have it all! 

Be Mindful With Alcohol Consumption

Choose your favourite holiday drink and have it in moderation. Alternating between cocktails and water can minimise a looming hangover, so top tip: stay hydrated this holiday.

Finally, Have Fun!

If you typically live your life with a very structured diet and exercise schedule for the majority of the year, we understand why you might be a little apprehensive about the chaos the holidays bring.

Remember this: a few days away from your usual training won’t undermine all the hard work you’ve put in, it won’t be back to square one… and you might even go back feeling stronger than ever! It’s a great opportunity to allow your body to rest.

So have that mimosa with breakfast, and leave any guilt behind. We are all about implementing a balanced and sustainable lifestyle that you can maintain throughout the year.

Our priority is to help you maintain a positive relationship with exercise and nutrition, embracing balance, especially during the holidays.

So if you need help staying active and eating balanced throughout the holiday season, the app is the gift that’ll keep giving.

Here’s to a happy, balanced, and guilt-free holiday season!