How to Get the Most Out of the WeGLOW App During a Challenge

Okay, so you’ve chosen to join the new 6-Week Summer Sculpt Challenge, but you’re wondering, how do I use WeGLOW to get the most out of this challenge? Don’t worry. We hear you. And we understand. There are so many incredible features within the WeGLOW app, we promise we won’t gate-keep. 

The WeGLOW Calendar

This the one feature that will make your life so much easier, especially during the busy summer period. 

You can move your workouts around easily to suit your schedule and lifestyle. Feeling a bit tired and would rather do a yoga class? Move your planned workout to a day that you’ll have more energy. Want a longer workout sesh and have a free morning with no plans? Stack your challenge workouts using your calendar. 

You can even plan out your WeGLOW recipes using the WeGLOW calendar too! 

The WeGLOW tracking portal 

This is THE SPACE for keeping an eye on your reps, weights, progress photos and any notes that you want to keep about your workouts, schedule, how your mind is and how your body feels. 

Tracking your weights and reps allows you to practice progress overload, by beating your previous count that you should have tracked in the portal. Taking progress pics also allows you to see how your hard work is paying off, both on the inside and out. 

The WeGLOW learning portal 

We know that there’s a lot to learn on this journey with WeGLOW, and there are a good few terms that you may not have heard of before. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. 

The WeGLOW learning portal covers both fitness and nutrition knowledge-sharing pieces, allowing you to fully support your glow journey through both movement and nutrition. We want to give you the tools to smash your glow goals, and this is where you need to be to further build on your love of feeling good. 

The WeGLOW recipe library

Powering through a WeGLOW challenge is not easy, and we know how key nutrition is to fuel your mind and body and assist with recovery and repair. That’s why the WeGLOW recipe library is important whilst working through a challenge – you can find any pre and post-workout recipe that you fancy, as well as snacks and meal options that will see you through your day. 

Each recipe shows the macros as well as calories, and you can even turn off the calories too if that’s not something you like to track! 

Did you also know that you can increase the measurements within the recipes, by adjusting how many people you’re cooking for? This is a really amazing function for meal prepping as well as those occasions where we’re cooking for more people than just ourselves. 

The WeGLOW activity tracker

If you’re looking to hit your daily step count alongside the 6-Week Summer Sculpt Challenge (go you!), the WeGLOW activity tracker syncs with your data, keeping an up-to-date count of your steps. So if you’re target is 10K steps daily, you won’t need to visit another app to you where you are, just check the activity tracker! 

If you’re also keeping an eye on how much water you’re drinking each day, you can log your water intake too, comparing it against a 2 Litre daily target. Hydration is key to getting that glow after all. 

All in all, WeGLOW is so much more than just a fitness app; we are here to support you in getting the glow on the inside and out, especially when it’s challenge time! We are regularly introducing new features each month and are on a mission to make WeGLOW the best lifestyle and fitness app the industry has ever seen… Trust us, you’re going to want to stick around!