Various images of Stef and Mara at WeGLOW

5 Steps on Becoming “That Girl”

Step One: Commit To a Plan. 

Take on the challenge and workout with Stef & Mara, spending the next 3 weeks prioritising, energising and looking after yourself

Step Two: Set Daily Goals 

From hitting your steps, to getting a form of movement in. You can use WeGLOW’s Activity Tracker to keep yourself accountable and track everything from steps to water intake. 

Step Three: Nutrition, Nutrition, Nutrition

Download our FREE nutrition guide which is packed full of tips, tricks and tasty & trending recipes designed to energise you and give you that glow, whether you’re short on time or have dietary requirements, there is something for everyone. 

Step Four: Take a Moment For Yourself 

Expand your knowledge and tune into yourself by assigning some time each day to read or journal, top tip turn your phone on silent or put it in another room, we all know how distracting they can be. And once you’re reunited with your phone turn notifications on for the App so you can receive our daily inspirational quotes. 

Step Five: Join The Movement

Join a community of like-minded women; engage with other

“That Girls” in our WeGLOW Facebook community where you can ask for advice, feel inspired and make friends across the globe.