How To Incorporate a Deload Week

Whether you’ve been going back-to-back with our Programs or you’re close to finishing  the 8-Week Transformation Challenge, you may be noticing that your energy levels are a little lower than what they were at the start of your Program or Challenge and that you’re struggling to find the motivation to push yourself during your workouts. 

We’re here to reassure you and let you know that these feelings you may be experiencing are normal and very likely to occur when participating in an intense strength training program for several months on end.

Strength training is demanding, placing  a lot of stress on your muscles, joints and your overall  body, that’s why we strongly encourage our community to incorporate a deload week to help you rest and recover, allowing your body to repair, this will also aid long-term performance.  

If you’ve completed one of our longer challenges or programs you may be familiar with deload phases, giving your body and mind a much deserved break. However for those of you who are new to Weglow or one of our challenges, let’s break it down on how to introduce a deload phase into your fitness regime. 

What is a Deload Week & How Do I Incorporate into my fitness regime? 

We know you’ve been working extremely hard in your training, pushing your limits and giving it 100% so the thought of resting and reducing your load may seem a little daunting and forign. 

Typically, a deload phase will range from 1-2 weeks and is often incorporated into strength training programs to assist in recovery. 

We’re not saying you have to give up your training entirely during your deload week, you’ve been smashing it everyday with the Transform challenge and more than likely in a great routine by now, but we’re strongly encouraging you to reduce the intensity, volume and frequency to allow your body to rest. 

Example of where you can make slight adjustments: 

  • Lifting lighter weights
  • Reducing the volume with less sets
  • Exercising less frequently (dropping to 3-4 training days and dedicating the remainder of the week to active rest eg: long walks, bike rides, swimming etc)
  • Or moving your body with light to moderate activities such as joining Mara in her yoga flows

So what does this mean for everyone completing the Transformation Challenge? 

As we head into our final few days of the Transformation Challenge, we encourage you to be mindful of how you’re feeling, listen to your body and take a moment.

We know that our community is incredibly hard-working and driven, but it’s actually ok to take a break from training. 

Unsure on what to do next? Decide on your goal and ask the App to recommend you a guide.