The Importance of Routine & Healthy Habits

Building a routine that you can stick to and integrate into your life on a daily basis may not sound important, but for most people routine is what helps to keep them grounded.

Just like trying to create a habit, starting and sticking to a new routine takes some time and effort. You know yourself best, so if something doesn’t seem to be working, try tweaking your schedule to make it work for your needs, it’s no good trying to force something when it’s just not working. Remember if it feels like a chore or you don’t enjoy it then it’s unlikely that you’ll get on board with the task. By setting unattainable standards, you are doing yourself an injustice. When you don’t feel motivated to do things, you want to rely on the habit to get you through.

While forming good habits is a great way to improve your day to day, have you ever wondered why it is so essential to develop good habits and eliminate bad ones?

Here are a few reasons why it is necessary to form good habits.

1. Habits Are Who You Are
A habit is something that you do daily without really thinking about it. The habits you form become a considerable part of your routine, ultimately resulting in who you are.

2. Habits Enable Your Goals
If you want to become a marathon runner, you won’t just wake up one day and jump into your first marathon. It can take months, and even years of preparation. The first step to reaching any goal is first establishing a daily habit.

3. Habits Can Replace Motivation
Everyone has days where they just don’t feel like exercising, working, or eating well. However, when you have developed these activities into habits, they will become second nature, and you’ll do them without giving them a second thought.

Tips on how to make healthy habits…

Creating a new routine that aligns with your health and fitness goals doesn’t just happen overnight, it requires a lot of hard work, discipline and dedication.

1. Make it a priority
There are so many important things we need to get done each day, and health and fitness is one that can often be neglected. You wouldn’t postpone brushing your teeth until next Monday to “start fresh”. So stop treating your health and fitness as something that’s optional.

2. Incorporate things you enjoy
There’s no point trying to stick to a workout routine if you’re doing a type of exercise you absolutely hate. Likewise, changing your nutrition dramatically and including foods that make your stomach turn. Find the things that work for you, and that you know you can stick to long term.

3. Work on you, for you!
Take the time to really understand WHAT you want and WHY you want it.

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