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5 Top Tips to Get Your 2022 Goals to Stick

People like to see January as a fresh start, a chance to press reset. With copious amounts of marketing promising quick fixes. However, around 80% of New Years resolutions fail.

Most resolutions don’t make it past the intention stage and of those that do, few last into February. The reason why we’re so bad at keeping resolutions is not that we lack determination and drive to achieve the specific goal, but that we don’t take the time to plan the best way to succeed and integrate the new habit into our lives.

If you’ve set yourself new intentions, goals, resolutions, whatever you want to call it. 

Here are five tips to ensure they last past January. 

1. Details matter: When setting goals, be specific about your aim. For example, “Get into fitness“ is too vague. Instead, specify how many days a week, what kind of workouts you plan to do, and where it fits into your schedule. 

2. Set moderate goals: The best way to maintain and attain your goal/ goals is to set a goal that isn’t too easy or too hard, such that it requires effort, but not so much that it’s discouraging. 

3. Create accountability: We are much more likely to follow through with goals if there are people keeping you accountable. So let people in your life know about your intentions and ask them to check in with you. 

4. Make it a habit: For resolutions and goals to last, they have to become more automatic. Most of us don’t have to have an internal debate about whether to brush our teeth every morning; we do it automatically because it’s an ingrained habit.

5. Create a mood board: They clarify the vision. Visualising a goal and having a constant reminder of your aims and objectives can make a whole lot of difference. It can be that subtle reminder that you need. 

New Year’s resolutions usually involve initiating new behaviours and creating new habits, both of those things are not easy to do, hence why people fail. So make sure you devote the time to plan out and execute your goals as best you can, this will give yourself the best chance of success and longevity.