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How to Stay on Track With Healthy Eating: WEEKEND EDITION

POV: You start the week off with workouts planned, meals prepped and ready to go. You go to sleep at the same time every night and have set your intentions. You get through the week, drinking 3 litres a day, getting your 10k steps in. Then Friday happy hour rolls around, turning into brunch the next morning,  and any form of exercise seems like an impossible task. Then the cycle begins again on Monday,  Sound familiar? 

It’s no surprise that when we’re working toward our health and nutrition goals, the weekends can throw us off track. It’s our time to unwind, our typical routine is thrown off. That said, there are small things that we can incorporate to both enjoy our weekends to the fullest and stay on track with our goals. 

Stay hydrated
Water plays such a crucial role in our health, from energy levels to hunger regulation, digestion, and curbing cravings. Aim for at least 3 litres every day. Keep a reusable water bottle with you, this makes it a lot easier to track. 

Make plans with a friend to get outside
Switch up the usual dinner date! As we start feeling warmer temps heading from spring into summer, getting outside for some gentle movement and vitamin D is a game-changer. 

Prioritize sleep 
Try to stick to your usual bedtime routine, or at least get the same amount of hours you’d usually get. Your body (and future Monday-morning self) will thank you for it. 

Enjoy the foods you genuinely want
This isn’t about restriction. Order what you fancy and remove any guilt around it. Guilt will only lead to the shame spiral. It is about balance, not overdoing it with restrictions in the week and then feeling like you need to blow off steam at the weekend. 

Alcoholic choices 
Many alcoholic beverages are loaded with calories and added sugar, both of which may contribute to undoing all that work you put in across the week. There are plenty of lighter options that’ll allow you to enjoy a drink with friends or family but stay within your goals. 

Bottom line, it’s easier when you’re out of routine and socialising to go off-track. However, just because you have a goal in mind doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice food or fun, look for balance. Remember sustainable choices usually win!