Stef Williams workout and fitness

6 Rules I Live By

Strength training for a toned core
It’s important to note that strength training has a big impact on your core as you’re engaging it for all of your compound moves (such as squats, lunges and deadlifts). You’re more likely to achieve a strong core with compound moves and full body workouts over crunches.

So having a full body workout program combined with a personalised meal plan to reduce body fat means those abs will pop. 

Move every day 
This doesn’t mean hitting the treadmill for hours on end. 

I try to move my body every day by walking and then aim for three sessions a week using the app. We have so many workouts, so if I’m feeling ready for something intense, it has me covered and equally if I fancy a stretch, I can do that too. I also love swimming and running so I try to implement them in my routine where I can.

Make sleep a priority 
Sleep is up there on my list of priorities. 

Sleep is so important to not only feel energised and ready to move your body the next day, but for your mindset too – all the things that make us feel amazing!  I love getting into bed at around 10pm and aim to get to sleep by 10.30pm. 

Depending on the season, when it’s colder and darker outside I definitely get up later, but aim to get up at 6.30am.

I find that getting into bed and taking the time to unwind sets me up for a great night’s sleep, and set’s me up for the next day.

You don’t need to skip booze 
Wine comes from grapes, so that counts as healthy right!?

On a serious note, balance is crucial. 

So there’s no need to ditch the alcohol completely.

I love being healthy and eating intuitively to fuel my body, but I also love a glass of wine with dinner or on a date night, or a cocktail if I’m feeling a little spicier. Espresso Martinis or Picantes are my go-to! 

Snacks are not the enemy 
Not many people can swerve the temptation of sweet and savoury nibbles.

I love snacks. If I’m hungry or feel like my energy is dipping then I’ll reach for something that will help.

And, while fruit such as apple and pears are always close by, the evening calls for crisps and chocolate. I am so obsessed with Popchips so I’ll often opt for those, or some dark chocolate with sea salt, that’s another one of my go to’s. 

There’s a narrative that snacking is naughty alongside the myth that snacking will prevent you from reaching your goals, but the reality isn’t about when you eat, but rather how much and the quality of what you’re eating.”

Don’t label foods ‘good’ or ‘bad’
The term ‘cheat days’ makes it seem like you’re doing something wrong and that there are ‘bad’ and ‘good’ foods when in reality some foods are simply more nutrient dense than others. 

We should never feel ‘guilty’ when it comes to food. 

I make sure I’m always eating really wholesome food as it makes me feel amazing. But like everyone, sometimes I crave non-wholesome foods. There are times like date nights or occasions where food is a part of the experience – you never want to look back on a memory thinking, I didn’t have that even though I really wanted it.

Life is ultimately about balance and enjoyment, so find a movement and routine that you love and you’re more than halfway there.