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Diet Myths of 2022

With continuously evolving science and information, it can be hard to keep up with facts and
nonsense when it comes to making the best choices for our health.
On a health mission this year? Here are some myths to let go of in 2022.

1) Natural sugars are better for me:
Coconut sugar, honey, agave, brown sugar, fruit sugar have a major thing in common: they all
act the same way in the body. Having brown sugar versus white, or honey instead of sugar is
not any healthier for you. They all contribute with the same caloric value, raising your blood
insulin in the same way. Instead of swapping one sugar form for another, opt to consume your
sugar through having fruit instead. Although fruit will provide you with sugar, it also contains
fibre and essential nutrients you wouldn’t otherwise get from consuming agave or honey.
Always remember, the quantity of your sugar intake matters more than the source – with fruit as
the only exception.

2) A low-carb diet will help me lose weight:
Losing weight is not about what foods you decide to cut out – it’s about achieving an overall
calorie deficit. You are recommended to eat carbs, protein and fat at a balanced level to best
achieve sustainable weight loss. In fact, carbs are very important in the diet – providing your
body and brain with plenty of energy to perform at its best. Instead of excluding certain food
groups, practice portion control and mindful eating to lose weight effectively.

3) Detox juicing works:
While smoothies and juices can provide you with lots of nutrients – they don’t help your body
detox. There is no evidence to suggest that detox diets have an effect on the body. In fact, your
liver and kidneys work around the clock to rid the body of anything harmful. If you’d like to offer
a helping hand, the best approach is to consume a healthy balanced diet, rather than replacing
regular meals with detox drinks. Stick to whole-foods, healthy grains, lean protein and lots of
fruit and veg.

4) Eating at night is bad for me:
Stopping eating early in the evening isn’t necessarily going to help you lose weight. Likewise,
having meals and snacks closer to bedtime aren’t going to cause weight gain. What matters is
the quantity you are eating – and the quality of the food you choose to have. Rather than getting
caught up on timings, focus on eating a healthy, varied diet that fits around your lifestyle, even if
it means munching on a late-night meal.