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7 Top Tips To Avoid Feeling Sluggish This Holiday

From cold winter nights to rich holiday foods, many factors can affect our energy and mood over the season. Here’s how to fight holiday fatigue and enjoy yourself without the guilt.

1. Drink plenty of water:
While cold weather already reduces our water intake, it is even more important to hydrate over Christmas. With high sodium, alcohol and sugar, replenishing your water daily will ensure you stay healthy this winter. As alcohol and sodium can increase water loss, dehydration is common in winter. Dehydration can significantly affect energy levels and immunity, which is why you are advised to drink at least 1 glass of water for every unit of alcohol consumed. By staying hydrated, you’ll also reduce the likelihood of the dreaded bloat after a heavy meal.

2. Add seasonal veg to your plate:
While it’s completely okay to indulge over Christmas, make sure you are getting enough fruit and veg to get your micronutrients in. Vitamins and minerals are very important in supporting energy levels, immunity and cognitive health – and are most abundant in fresh fruit and veg. Top up half of your dinner plate with seasonal veg with your Christmas dinner to easily tick-off a few portions.

3. Snack on healthy fats:
Snacking on nuts and seeds when you’re feeling a slump is perfect for perking up your energy levels. While nuts and seeds are higher in calories, they will keep you fuller for longer because of the abundance of healthy fats they contain. Stick to one handful portions at a time to make sure you are not stacking up the calories.

4. Eat smaller meals more often:
While seasonal dinners can be quite large, avoid the food coma by breaking up the rest of your meals rather than consuming 3 large meals. Only eat when you’re hungry, and stop when you’re full.

5. Skip the post lunch nap:
When that sleepy feeling kicks in it’s wise to slow down but also advisable to avoid going to bed for a nap. Apart from waking up an hour later dehydrated, wondering where you are and what time it is, sleeping after a big meal isn’t such a great idea. Resting and relaxing after a big meal is a good idea as this allows blood to flow to the intestines to digest all that food.

6. Movement helps:
By all means, skip the gym session after a heavy Christmas eating session and swap It for something much slower. One easy way to get your dinner digesting better is to do some easy, low-impact cardio, a short stroll outside can work wonders after a heavy meal.

7. Don’t be so hard on yourself:
Enjoying a little extra over the holiday season is perfectly normal – the holidays are all about enjoying good food with your loved ones and making memories. Some over-indulging will by no means set you back longterm, life is too short, so have that extra mince pie!