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10 Snacks That Don’t Compromise Flavour for Health

Reaching for the cookie jar can satisfy the taste buds – but what about the rest of your body? Rich, indulgent snacks should be saved as treats in moderation, as they are often filled with sugars and fats to give them that extra yummy taste.

However, it doesn’t mean that healthier snacks have to compromise on taste! There are so many easy ways to have delicious snacks that are also healthy and nutritious.

Here’s our favourite snack round-up that you can add to your everyday:

Hummus is a tasty dip that can be used in sandwiches, on salads or as a dip. Made from chickpeas, hummus is quite high in protein and fibre to keep you full until your next meal. Next time you’re hungry, enjoy some hummus with one or two crackers, or some carrot sticks to fit in a portion of vegetables.

Protein Snack Bars
Remember, not all snack bars are made equal – some could almost be classified as a confectionary bar to be eaten in moderation. However, there are some strong contenders that contain a high amount of protein, and a low amount of sugar and saturated fats. Always look at the ingredients labels before you buy a new snack to make sure it doesn’t have hidden sugars and fats. As a starting point, opt for 15-20g of protein per bar and under 5g of sugar.

Head to the app and give ours a go!

Greek Yoghurt and Fruit
A quick and easy snack that we love at WeGlow. Savour a few tablespoons of creamy Greek yoghurt topped with your favourite fruit for a sweet kick. Greek yoghurt is high in calcium and protein to keep your bones happy and your tummy full.

Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds
A handful of almonds is the perfect snack, but if you’re feeling indulgent, coat them in a block or two of dark chocolate. Almonds contain a ton of healthy fats for your brain and heart, while dark chocolate is filled with antioxidants that protect our cells.

Air-popped popcorn only contains 100 calories in 3 cups. Change up the flavours by adding a teaspoon of honey for a sweet touch, cayenne pepper and garlic powder for a kick, or simply some salt for a classic movie treat.

Roasted Chickpeas
Roasted chickpeas are incredibly simple to make and are highly nutritious. They are bursting with protein and fibre, as well as other essential vitamins and minerals. Try our ‘Paprika Roasted Chickpeas’ for an easy meal-prep snack you can have throughout the week.

Watermelon and Feta
Name a better combo. Watermelon is a delicious, juicy and sweet summer treat. Add a crumble of feta cheese to take this snack to the next level.

Packing in the flavour and low in calories, olives are bursting with healthy fats and antioxidants. You can add olives to your favourite dishes and salads, or simply snack on a handful on the go.  

Buffalo tomato slices
Buffalo tomatoes are so tasty, especially when sprinkled with sea salt and olive oil. For extra indulgence, top with mozzarella and enjoy as a snack when you’re feeling peckish.

Energy bites
Energy bites made from dried fruit and nuts are perfect for hunger pains that hit mid-afternoon. Beat the slump by having one or two energy bites a few hours after breakfast. If you are out shopping, heading back from the gym etc it’s the perfect snack. There are plenty readily available in shops or make your own in a simple few steps, we have a few to choose from!