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5 Top Tips To Get Back Into a Workout Routine After Moving To Uni

Getting back into that ‘normal routine’ is going to feel hard after a fair few weeks of boozing and late nights, so we’ve put together our 5 top tips to get you back in the flow once freshers week is over and everything has settled down.  

Plan when and what your workout is in advance

Making sure you have set a dedicated time to train is a great way to stick to your goals even when life gets busy, so start your day with a clear idea of what your training and when, and you’ll be much more effective with both you day and whilst in the gym. 

Get yourself some new activewear 

Nothing gives you motivation quite like a fresh pair of trainers, even if your not a runner there’s something about it that makes you want to run…

Whether it’s a new resistance band, top, or a new plan to follow, hint hint! 

Unidays and Student Beans will have your back on this one, especially during September…

Do it for yourself 

Find your WHY…

With the freedom and independence university gives you, your day to day life can feel very unorganised and left without any structure, especially for first years. So write down something you want to achieve each week from your new fitness routine and tick it off once you do it. There’s nothing better than seeing a list that’s been ticked off. 

Follow a gym guide 

With a new gym comes new machines, new layouts and new trainers, pretty overwhelming right? this is where you can be tempted to jump on the first machine you set your eyes on rather than wondering around for a few minutes to get your bearings…

This is where having a gym guide helps, depending on the workout you pick you’ll have to explore the gym, use a variety of machines, or enter the free weights section (which a lot of you are nervous about) so use a gym guide to help you perform exercises with confidence. 

Set yourself a goal

As you ease back into your workout routine, don’t forget to set goals to keep you focused. Make sure they’re goal–specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-sensitive.