This app has my heart!

This app is unrivalled !

A consistent gym-goer for a couple of years, I found I was becoming really sick of the same stuff and, also due to a pretty major move, I’ve turned to home workouts. I have tried another fitness app before but it did not engage me like WeGlow has. The workouts are hard, but I feel so bloody good after, and I really like feeling like my fitness is improving (I’ve struggled to feel that in the past). Real-time workouts are a huge plus for me, I find them so much more motivating and Stef holds me to account a bit more (!).

Also, I really feel that there is a push on movement to feel good and I love this. I’ve had experience of exercising as punishment and under-nourishing and after feeling in a rut with the gym, these workouts are making me feel good – the feelings are my focus, not the aesthetics. They’re all accessible and you can get a good sweat, and all workouts offered are so thought through; I don’t feel like there is yoga just for the sake of it, I can feel how good Mara is at what she does. From a similar standpoint, I am massively appreciative that you can switch off cal counters for the recipes, previously I had to avoid this area of fitness apps because these numbers would trigger me. Again, the emphasis is on wholesome, good food and not numbers.

This app is one of the things that makes my day.